Sunday, October 21, 2012

Doraemon Paper Craft Result

20th October 2012

So I was in KL the whole day there, running around with my friend, Woei Hong and do various stuffs just in one day.

9am : Broad ETS to KL

11.30am : Reached KL Sentral and met up with Woei Hong and had lunch

1pm : Took the komuter for the first time of my life to Midvalley Megamall. It took us around 20 minutes waiting for it.

2pm : Reached Midvalley Megamall. Was planning to watch a movie there but ended up playing Snooker for the first time in my life.

3.30pm : Took the komuter back to KL Sentral and waited quite long for the bus to Sunway Giza Mall

5pm : Reached Sunway Giza Mall and was raining quite heavily. Almost soaked wet. Walked around the Doraemon fair and snapped some photos.

Yellow Doraemon after shopping
The same big Doraemon I saw in Genting earlier this year. With Woei Hong

6pm : Went to Wong Kok Restaurant to have our dinner. We ordered some food on the order paper, but in the end only getting drinks because the waiter forgot to turn the other side of the order paper; she got us waiting 30 minutes for our food, which in the end, we had to reorder. At the meantime, I went up the mall to confirm my attendance.

6.45pm : Arrival of Pong Kien Ping

7pm : Announcement of results. Before that, I managed to get a lot snapshots of the paper craft that is still displayed there. So, they announced the Campus Category winners first, starting from 10th placing, which my team grabbed it.

I asked Kien Ping to help me snatch the top two Doraemon back home, but he refused.
Doraemon blinks his eyes with me.
So, my team got 10th placing in campus category out of 62 teams.
 7.30pm : Me, Woei Hong, Kien Ping and Benjamin, Kien Ping's friend left for One Utama as soon as we got the certificates. I'm glad to know Ben because he's an engineer working for TV3, and he's asking me whether I'm interested in doing internships with him. Well, I'm still considering.

 8.20pm : We watched the movie "Stolen" starred by Nicholas Cage. The movie was quite nice, but maybe I was too tired after whole day in KL. I was yawning all the way.

 11.00pm : Kien Ping fetched us all the way back to Woei Hong's house.

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