Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doraemon Paper Craft - Top 10 Finalist

18th October 2012

Recently, I've participated in Doraemon Paper Craft Competition organized by memopillow in conjunction with Doraemon's 100 years before birth. Based on my previous post, I registered 2 teams under campus category and guess what? Today, I received news across Facebook that one of my paper crafts got into top 10 finalist running for the Campus Category award.

The one of the bottom left belongs to me, together with other finalists.
Honestly, I don't hope much on winning, just glad that my team's hard work got into top 10 finalist out of 62 contestants in Campus Category. 

I will be going down to KL this Saturday for the Prize Giving Ceremony where they will announce the winner. However, I should be spending most of my time snapping photos and getting to know other contestants *ahem* instead of putting my hands together wishing to win the top prize. I guess in my heart, no matter I win or lose, my Doraemon paper craft is always the winner. It has the number "100" encrypted using LEDs on the breadboard. I did the most honorable thing to my project as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer.

I only do this once in my lifetime and I'll be treasuring this moment. =) Just hope I don't get robbed when I go to KL this weekend alone. :P

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank all my true friends for helping me and my team get votes for the People's Choice Award; which I realized I had far too many truthful friends. I felt very touching to have you all supporting me from behind when I need help. The voting closes this Friday 19th October 2012. If you haven't vote and wished to do so, you can do so by follow these steps, which I make almost a week ago.

The direct link would be


不再一Young said...

nice one =)
hope you wont get rob, will pray for your safety de ><
sorry cant acc u go..
Doraemon Galaxy Family is the best!

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

Just saw ur comment. sorry for late reply =)

It's okayy, we tried our best