Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doraemon Paper Craft

You might feel that I'm childish, even I felt that I'm very childish. 20 years old already still hogging around with Doraemon, but it's not really the case. Doraemon is indeed my childhood buddy, and I really adore Doraemon, but the real situation is that I adore the future gadgets that Doraemon has. You might think his gadgets are not logical, but as an EE engineer, I can tell you, some of his gadgets can be invented, not now; but might be in the future when the technology further advances. Who says it's not possible?

Few days ago, I found a Doraemon Paper Craft competition in Facebook and decided to ask my friends to participate together. There's this rule that magnetized me to participate, besides feeling utmost boring due to my 4 months semester break.

Participants are encouraged to use any recycle materials or engineering components such as lights, buzzers, motors and rubber bands, to create a multisensory experience.

So, I formed a team comprised of Siew San, Michelle, Matthew and Kelvin. After almost 1 week of preparation, we spent one whole night in UTP putting all parts of the puzzle up together. In the end, getting glitter powders all over and eye bags, we finally completed our paper craft.

5th October 2012
Putting the Puzzles in place
Perspective View
Front View - Most of the EE part like the LEDs are done by me and Matthew
Our team posing with our final product.

6th October 2012
On the other hand, my another friend, Daymon invited me to his group because he was also interested in joining this competition. He did all the photoshop designing while I was in-charge in doing the EE stuffs again.

My broken pc cooler fan had finally served it's purpose..
It spins at rather high speed.
My second group's final product
It does glows in the dark.

7th October 2012
So carrying two big boxes, I went to KL to submit this two prototypes to Sunway Giza Mall and spend one night in KL, staying at Woei Hong's place. Thanks to him, I get to visit Sunway Pyramid again and I still can't really recognize the maze. I would really get lost if I were there alone.

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