Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tai Chi Hero

26th October 2012

2 months semester breaks have passed in a glimpse of an eye. A long planned outing with my friends had finally worked out. Me, Hong Tat, Ivy together with her boyfriend watched this hilarious Mandarin movie in Aeon Jusco named Taichi Hero.

Initially, I have not heard about this movie, but was instructed by my friend, Hong Tat to buy whatever movie that is available. In the end, it turns out that this movie was worth to watch and it actually features some famous actors such as AngelaBaby and Eddie Peng (both from 'Love You You' movie), Tony Leung and others. This was actually the second part of it, whereby the first part is only out last month and I heard the third part will be out soon.

Tai Chi Hero

After watching this movie, I'm now craving for Tai Chi 0, which is the first part of this movie. Anyone who has it, please share it with me.

On the other hand, after the movies and a slight dinner, I received a surprised belated birthday gift from my angel, Ivy. Somehow, I was embarrassed that in return, I had not prepared anything for her. I promised to her that I would prepare a big Christmas present for her in return. =)

It turns out that inside the big "Happy Birthday" goodie bag, it contains a large 'Dumpling' :P

A huge Doraemon Plushie by my angel. ^^

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