Monday, December 31, 2012

6 Awesome Things done in 2012

2012 has ended, with 2013 popping into my life chapter. Years and years gone by and without realizing, I have already lived in this world for 21 years. My life became more colorful when I started my blog back in 2008. As I viewed back those days, I would always laugh at all those stupid things that I've done with my friends back then. I realized there are some friends whom I've lost contact with since leaving Form 5 and their voices are still echo-ing in my brain.

2012 had really been an enjoyable year, although if you realized my number of blog posts decreased by a quarter. Back then, my blog posts from 2008 to 2011 had been increasing annually, but received a downpour in 2012. Busy with work is not the accurate excuse why I blog less. Simply, my laziness should be blamed. Delaying a blog post, although I've already planned to write a post always kept me posting short posts.

Nonetheless, my 2013 resolution would be posting more than where I've left out. My aim is to beat 2011's 69 posts, but that's not guaranteed. It is because this is simply my BLOG! I post whenever I want to. Anyway, there are 6 awesome things that I've thought off to be shared. These are the things that I've done throughout the year 2012 and was never deemed to be done when 2012 started. Usually, towards the end of the every year, I would make a monthly review of the things I've done each month. I tried to be special this time by posting 6 awesome things that I've done throughout 2012.

1. Doraemon World @ Genting

2012 was the year Doraemon celebrated his 100 years before birth. I've never thought to have bought Doraemon World 2012 tickets. So, together with my friends, we challenged extremely cold weather and thick mist on Genting hilltop to catch the exhibition. It was indeed an amazing trip and I've never thought to have taken so many photos in there. Once in a lifetime experience.

2. Sunway Lagoon

First time being at Sunway Lagoon was really eye-catching. Enjoyed all 5 parks with my friends after a long plan with them. Despite having only 1 week semester break, it didn't stopped me from splashing water in Sunway Lagoon which is my childhood-must-visit place. The next day, we also enjoyed ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid which was also my first time trying it. Despite numerous falls, I finally managed to skate as a beginner. Waiting to skate again in near future.

3. Project Director of Dare to Dream

Being a Project Director isn't easy especially when you faced various issues to get the event going. During this event, I have to monitor the progress of all 5 departments due to lack of manpower and experience in this event. Third time being in this event, I was actually asked to become the Project Director to make this event a success. I hope I didn't let the seniors down, in the end, making this event a success. I still remember I faced various issues with Student Support Services Department in terms of getting the budget approved. Sacrificing time, sweat and money was all I've done. I almost get a summon when I drove to get the approved stationary for the event.  During this event, I ran here and there ensuring that all was well. Out of no where, my committee told me that a student was injured after being incised by a rusted nail onto his toe. I cradled him all the way into my car, to the clinic and back to this lecture hall. I'm really glad that he's fine after being treated by UTP clinic and injected with an anti serum. Not only that, I've used up to RM1000 of my own money in order for this event to be held successfully, and this amount of money is yet to be claimed.

4. Project Director of SEDEX30

SEDEX was one of the biggest event in UTP and I must say that I've been very lucky to rise as the Project Director of SEDEX30. 4th time in SEDEX and I'm the Project Director. Some seniors that I've met had joined EDX/SEDEX for 6 times and yet he's not even the Project Director. Being at the peak of the SEDEX chart, responsibilities and leadership qualities must be high. Truth enough, I was clear about every jobscope of every department and that helped a lot in ensuring everything was done right on track. In the end, despite some issues concerning leaked ETP scores and injustice PSC judging and awards, they were all solved with the event running smoothly. My PSC group that was formed way back in SEDEX29 won first place in the trolley category with a brilliant idea of Trio Trap concept.

5. Doraemon Paper Craft Competition

I saw the competition on facebook and decided to ask my friends whether they are interested. We formed a team, but despite my team having 5 person, I had to go to Sunway Giza, KL alone due to various reasons. My team's product received a huge response from my friends and out of 62 paper crafts in Campus Category, our team grabbed the 10th spot. It was really an awesome experience being able to do something fun like this during my semester breaks.

6. Outward Bound School

Outward Bound School might be the toughest camp that I've been to, but it was really the type of physical camp that I enjoyed the most. Kayaking with my partner around the whole Pangkor Island for more than 8 hours and whaling with my whole watch was amazing. My skills of starting fire and surviving under extreme conditions paid off when I helped my team surviving in camps. It was really an awesome experience too when my phone and purse was confiscated for 1 week. The whole week, I slept whenever I had free time.

There are actually many other amazing things that I've done in the year of 2012, but those that leave the deepest imprint in my memories are these.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Chinese Zodiax 12

24th December 2012

Movie spree lately had been very slow as I'm attached to my work. Nonetheless, on Christmas Eve, Suit Li and I watched Jackie Chan's last action-packed movie at Jusco Aeon Station 18.

It was really a nice movie featuring various hilarious and action-packed scenes. As usual, Jackie Chan risked his own life to film this awesome movie filled with numerous heart-pumping scenes. Jackie Chan's movies were always nice although I'm not really a hardcore fan of his movies.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Doraemon at Fahrenheit88

2nd December 2012

I was at KL actually for family wedding but insisted on my parents to drop me by at Pavilion and Fahrenheit88 to catch Doraemon Christmas decorations. Another fair and exhibition that was held to celebrate Doraemon 100 years before birth.

The merchandises looked tempting, but I refrained myself from buying them cause the price is not affordable for me. Still the Christmas decorations looks awesome and majestic :P