Thursday, January 24, 2013

KL Trip - Tamiya Mission

24th January 2013

Yee Jie, Daymon and I went on a mission to KL I Utama to buy a motor gear box for our upcoming Cheme Car competition. We set out early in the morning to Batu Gajah Train Station to broad our ETS train to KL.

Being in KL for quite a number of times, I can say that I'm quite familiar to several places and how to get there. Thus, I became our troop's tour guide. We reached KL Sentral around 10am, a usual and familiar place for me. Next, we took the Rapid KL bus to 1Utama and accomplished our task of buying the worm gearbox.

I, on the other hand, bought this DIY Tamiya Car for my own purpose. I still remember when I was a kid, my grandparents used to buy many of these DIY cars for me to assembly (RM2 each from the RM2 shop), but none of them work because at that particular time, I-really-duno-why-none-of-them-work. :D Nonetheless, this time round, I managed to apply my engineering skills, assembled the car and ensured that the car ran in full throttle.

We headed back to UTP soon after we had our lunch and finished buying all our stuffs.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3rd Year in UTP

17th January 2013

My life in UTP had re-sparked. My 4th year being here and currently 3rd Year 1st Semester. This semester I would say that I should focus more on studies as this semester is the semester that I will be taking the most credit hours - 19 hours!

7 subjects in 4 months equivalent to 14 weeks. 6 final papers awaiting me. Time to strive hard!

A toast to start our semester with a bang!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watched: Jack Reacher

9th January 2013

I was at Jusco Aeon to spend money today and my wallet really bleed to the max. I bought a pair of Nike shoes and pairs of jeans which really costs a lot. I also accompanied my friend Charles for a Sushi King treat and a movie.

It turns out that I spend whole day at Jusco Aeon window shopping for some stuffs to ready myself back in UTP. Charles and me watched Jack Reacher, a movie casting Tom Cruise. Overall, it was nice, but of course, Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible series are nicer.

California Temaki :P

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watched: Ah Boys to Men

8th January 2013

Exactly one more week before the start of my third year studies in UTP. Packing has yet to be done. Charles and I wondered around Jusco, Kinta City for some window shopping to see whether there are things or clothes that I wanted to buy. To my amaze, after almost 1 year I didn't visit Jusco, Kinta City, nothing much has changed except that there's a new Chatime inside Jusco itself.

Hanging out is always boring without movies, so we watched Ah Boys to Men. Throughout the whole movie, I kept hearing Charles comparing his National Service life with this movie.

There's actually Part 2 of it which will be coming out in cinemas real soon. Can't wait for it.

Picture of me as of 8th January 2012. My hair is too long! I need a haircut. From now on, for all my movie watching posts, I'll put a "Watched: " in front of the movie title. This is because I always face a hard time naming my blog posts.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Edwin Working Career

7th January 2013

My first working career experience officially ended on 5th of January 2013. I started working in Greentown Mall, Edwin on the 30th of September 2011 but stopped on 9th of January 2012 because I had to continue my second year studies in UTP. However, during my recent 4 months break, I again work at the same place from 29th of October 2012 to 5th of January 2013. At this point of time, I'm officially jobless and ready for my third year studies that is approaching soon.

Edwin is a boutique in Greentown Mall which sells mostly clothes and jeans. I've also experienced and learned how to use the sewing machine which is not complicated at all.

During my 2 intervals of working, I really learned a lot of things and most important, known various friends. Working as sales boy, promoter and cashier all at the same time really teaches me how to cope with various situations and be patience. Communication with fellow colleagues are also important, because without them, working there wouldn't be happy and cheerful.

During my first interval working, I suggested to them to have a working tee and they agreed making one.

We also had our annual gift exchange during Christmas.

During my second interval, we didn't make any new tee this time, but we had our usual gift exchange during Christmas. I hand make an electronic gadget for this gift exchange.

My first working career in Edwin had ended. I guess I wouldn't go back to Edwin to work anymore because I wouldn't have any 4 months break anymore. Having been there, working was really a great experience and I hope to cherish the moments working there.

Friday, January 4, 2013

4 Not-so-but-Still Awesome Things done in 2012

4th January 2013

Happy 201314 ♥ In other words, specifically in Mandarin, it means Love You Forever. Since, it is a meaningful date and my 2013 resolution is to gain as many blog posts as possible this year, I've planned another blog post this time.

My previous post, 6 Awesome Things done in 2012, here's part 2 of it. Nonetheless, I've decided to name this one as 4 Not-so-but-Still Awesome Things done in 2012, because I felt these things are less awesome compared to the ones I posted earlier, but they are still meaningful.

1. Special Task Committee for SEDEX29

SEDEX30 is the SEDEX edition I became Project Director, but in SEDEX29, I enjoyed doing the jobscope the most. My duty with my partner Fedawin is to invite as many schools to form teams to participate in this newly formed school category, Youth Inventor's Category in SEDEX29. I, myself handled the participation of this category before when it first started in SEDEX28, but only managed to get 4 primary school teams. Improvements shown when I managed to get 29 teams this time round from schools all around Perak, Kedah and Penang. No doubt, I've found this jobscope very interesting and fun as I get to visit various schools and giving talks to enthusiastic students whom are eager to join YIC in UTP.

2. Hiking in Bukit Larut

This is part of the activity that is compulsory for me to go. Bukit Larut is the camp venue for my Recreational and Adventure camping trip. It was also my first time visiting Taiping Zoo since a very young age, which I remembered, the very last time I went to Taiping Zoo, I had a very bad stomachache and had to leave early with my parents. Me and my friends went into Taiping Zoo at night as part of our activity. We had no choice but to choose the Night Safari package as the normal visiting package is only for daytime. During our hike in Taiping Zoo, we encountered a blackout! We were in the dark together with various animals. For a moment, I felt I was in a trilling adventure. Nevertheless, we found our way out of the zoo and soaked wet back to the camp after a heavy downpour. Next morning, we set up early to hike Bukit Larut. When we almost reached the top, the rope that we were supposed to grab went lose and some of us almost fall, but me and my friends managed to tighten to rope back and reached our destination.

3. Field Trip @ Silterra, Kulim

Nothing special, but worth remembering. EE's first field trip. Silterra is a microchip making industry. Some seniors told me before that we wouldn't have any field trip, but we make it! A field trip organized in conjunction of our course subject Analog Electronics 1

4. Field Trip @ Wisma Celcom, KL

Another Field Trip to Wisma Celcom, in conjunction with Communication System subject. Wisma Celcom is a telecommunication company and we get to witness how various signals are being sent and received. 2nd EE Field Trip!