Monday, January 7, 2013

Edwin Working Career

7th January 2013

My first working career experience officially ended on 5th of January 2013. I started working in Greentown Mall, Edwin on the 30th of September 2011 but stopped on 9th of January 2012 because I had to continue my second year studies in UTP. However, during my recent 4 months break, I again work at the same place from 29th of October 2012 to 5th of January 2013. At this point of time, I'm officially jobless and ready for my third year studies that is approaching soon.

Edwin is a boutique in Greentown Mall which sells mostly clothes and jeans. I've also experienced and learned how to use the sewing machine which is not complicated at all.

During my 2 intervals of working, I really learned a lot of things and most important, known various friends. Working as sales boy, promoter and cashier all at the same time really teaches me how to cope with various situations and be patience. Communication with fellow colleagues are also important, because without them, working there wouldn't be happy and cheerful.

During my first interval working, I suggested to them to have a working tee and they agreed making one.

We also had our annual gift exchange during Christmas.

During my second interval, we didn't make any new tee this time, but we had our usual gift exchange during Christmas. I hand make an electronic gadget for this gift exchange.

My first working career in Edwin had ended. I guess I wouldn't go back to Edwin to work anymore because I wouldn't have any 4 months break anymore. Having been there, working was really a great experience and I hope to cherish the moments working there.

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