Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watched: Ah Boys to Men

8th January 2013

Exactly one more week before the start of my third year studies in UTP. Packing has yet to be done. Charles and I wondered around Jusco, Kinta City for some window shopping to see whether there are things or clothes that I wanted to buy. To my amaze, after almost 1 year I didn't visit Jusco, Kinta City, nothing much has changed except that there's a new Chatime inside Jusco itself.

Hanging out is always boring without movies, so we watched Ah Boys to Men. Throughout the whole movie, I kept hearing Charles comparing his National Service life with this movie.

There's actually Part 2 of it which will be coming out in cinemas real soon. Can't wait for it.

Picture of me as of 8th January 2012. My hair is too long! I need a haircut. From now on, for all my movie watching posts, I'll put a "Watched: " in front of the movie title. This is because I always face a hard time naming my blog posts.

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