Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cheme Car Experience

28th February 2013

My cheme car experience was more than awesome. My team, Apsara0813 emerged victorious on the competition day despite at huge percentage error of around 7%, the thing which we need to improve for our upcoming national competition in Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Our journey throughout this Cheme Car competition has it's ups and downs.

We initially was planning to construct a new car, and we did! Yee Jie, Daymon and me took the trouble to KL 1Utama to buy our Worm Gearbox and Motor for our newly constructed car which we took around 1 month to complete. However, 2 days before the competition, our worm gear worn out and the whole car crashed down. We were nearly demoralized by the incident, but finally we came out on the idea to reuse the old car that Daymon used for last year's competition.

On the spot, we constructed back the car and ensure that it can be used for our competition in 2 days time. We utilized fully our engineering skills from different field and 'lego-rized' our cheme car. Finally, it turns out fine and is ready for the competition.

We tested run our car hundred number of times. The day before the competition, we practiced until 7am whereas our competition should start at 9am, neglecting sleep (engineer's life). Our effort pays off when our car, Apsara0813 recorded the lowest percentage error among all the other teams.

We all had our part in the Cheme Car that we assigned ourselves so that, we know what to do during the competition and not blame each other. My part of the competition was to suck in 5ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) using the syringe and release the car so that it does not go out of track.

My team


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Riverfront Walk

23th February 2013

Nothing special, but I had a great memory for visiting Ipoh's Riverfront Walk for the first time. I went with Suit Li. She came down for her advanced first aid course at HQ, so I accompanied her for dinner and walk around Jusco. Before sending her back to HQ, we went to Riverfront for a walk and enjoyed the awesome scenery there.

This picture was taken on the bridge at Riverfront Walk

Friday, February 22, 2013

Watched: Spider 3D

22nd February 2013

Chinese New Year holidays in UTP had ended. Classed resumed as usual. However, our CNY mood never ended. Patrick, Jen Hau and I went to Aeon Jusco for our Lou Sang treat at Sushi King. We were later joined by Daymon and Charles for a movie.

Lou Sang at Sushi King



Jen Hau

We were out of CNY and Valentine's Day movie to watch due to wrong scheduling of time. We missed out the golden time to watch the movies that we want. This movie was quite unrealistic. In my opinion, 'boring' because the whole movie is about running around the whole city being chased by gigantic spiders. I almost dozed off during this movie.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watched: Once upon a Time

12th February 2013

A movie date with my good old friend, Ivy. It really had been long since I last met her. We talked about our life and as usual chat about good old days. I gave her a return christmas present, for the Doraemon she gave me. She is always my 'angel'.

The movie that we watched and the story line was fine. When Ivy and I were having dinner, we related this movie with my life. I told her that I had a new kingdom elsewhere and the good old one was left conquered by someone else already. If you watched this movie, you would probably know what am I talking about.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Watched : Journey to the West

8th February 2013

Again, I went to Aeon Jusco Station 18 again with Daymon and Charles to catch Stephen Chow's Journey to the West. We are all packed with family occasions actually, but we still spend some time for each other to watched this movie. As soon the movie ended, we headed back to our respective occasions on hand.

The movie was a bit violent initially, but it has a bit of hilarious part. Overall, it was nice because it has a new storyline on how the master capture his 3 students and bring them on a 'Journey to the West'

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Watched: Hotel Deluxe

7th February 2013

The day that my Chinese New Year holiday starts. However, I decided to stay in UTP for some reasons. Jen Hau, Patrick and I decided to head to Aeon Jusco Station 18 to have our very own reunion dinner and also catch a Chinese New Year movie.

Overall, the whole movie was hilarious and we laughed all the way out of the cinema. It was indeed a great start for my Chinese New Year holidays.