Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cheme Car Experience

28th February 2013

My cheme car experience was more than awesome. My team, Apsara0813 emerged victorious on the competition day despite at huge percentage error of around 7%, the thing which we need to improve for our upcoming national competition in Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Our journey throughout this Cheme Car competition has it's ups and downs.

We initially was planning to construct a new car, and we did! Yee Jie, Daymon and me took the trouble to KL 1Utama to buy our Worm Gearbox and Motor for our newly constructed car which we took around 1 month to complete. However, 2 days before the competition, our worm gear worn out and the whole car crashed down. We were nearly demoralized by the incident, but finally we came out on the idea to reuse the old car that Daymon used for last year's competition.

On the spot, we constructed back the car and ensure that it can be used for our competition in 2 days time. We utilized fully our engineering skills from different field and 'lego-rized' our cheme car. Finally, it turns out fine and is ready for the competition.

We tested run our car hundred number of times. The day before the competition, we practiced until 7am whereas our competition should start at 9am, neglecting sleep (engineer's life). Our effort pays off when our car, Apsara0813 recorded the lowest percentage error among all the other teams.

We all had our part in the Cheme Car that we assigned ourselves so that, we know what to do during the competition and not blame each other. My part of the competition was to suck in 5ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) using the syringe and release the car so that it does not go out of track.

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