Friday, March 1, 2013

Intermediate Post

Busy was seriously an excuse. But friendly speaking, many times that I wanted to write something here, I would flag away to do something else.

Anyway, many things did happened in my life since I last posted, which is on 17th January. I had one shot updated all the happenings from the day I last posted till today. This post, the 'Intermediate Post' serves as a platform for myself and my readers to view back posts that I updated once and for all in chronology format.

Here it goes:

24th Jan - KL Trip - Tamiya Mission
My journey to KL to buy Tamiya Gearbox. I also bought myself a DIY Tamiya Car

7th Feb - Watched: Hotel Deluxe
My CNY reunion with friends - Jen Hau and Patrick

8th Feb - Watched: Journey to the West
Another CNY reunion with friends - Daymon and Charles

12th Feb - Watched: Once upon a time
Movie galore with good old friend, Ivy

22nd Feb - Watched: Spider 3D
Lou Sang with my bunch of friends and had a boring movie

23th Feb - Riverfront Walk
Met up with another old friend, Suit Li for a gathering

28th Feb - Cheme Car Experience
Ups and downs throughout my Cheme Car experience that we emerged victories

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