Friday, April 12, 2013

Watched: Oblivion

12th April 2013

My 3rd year 1st semester final few weeks was so hectic. 4 tests in one week. Cheme-Car competition, quiz, and Project Viva in another week. Project datelines and assignments all cramped together in one week. Nonetheless, today is the end of all everything and what's coming next is the final exams.

To chill out, my EE friends decided to join me for a movie at Aeon Jusco. Ban Siong, Chris, Patrick, Jen Hau and I decided to watch Oblivion.

The movie was very nice, with great a great story line. Many unexpected scenes happened out of our anticipations.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8th Cheme-Car National Competition

8th and 9th of April 2013

The moment where we've all been waiting for. After passing the internal cheme-car competition held earlier, all preparations were done for this national cheme-car competition at Taylor's College.

My team Apsara0813 consisted of 4 members, Daymon (leader), Charles, Yee Jie and me. We were actually the underdogs compared to another team from UTP, but we did all the necessary preparations to compete with all other teams from all around Malaysia.

We were already in KL on the 7th of April to prepare, but ended up hanging around the whole day.

On the 8th of April, we headed to Taylor's for some preparations and test runs. At night, we were invited for dinner at the college, but ended up being the most awkward bunch, because others were just wearing smart casual, but we were wearing formal. Nonetheless, later that night, we went back to our hotel and did our last preparation for the competition. Yee Jie and I practiced a thousand times on our poster presentation which lasted for 2 minutes.

The next day, we headed out to Taylor's for the competition.
On the first run, our car had an 0.86 m variance from the 20 meter mark.
On the second run, our car had only 0.14 m variance from the 16 meter mark.
But, we were already demotivated because other teams were better, in which first place got 0.03m while second and third place were 0.10m off the mark.

However, I was so trilled when they announce Apsara0813 as the Poster Competition Champion, feeling joyful and happy that my endless practice on the speech paid off and we proudly go up the stage to receive the prize.

Not only that, we were utmost surprised when they announce we won the Taylor's Innovation Award too, which means we grabbed 2 out of the 4 main prizes.