Friday, May 24, 2013

Watched: Fast & Furious 6

24th May 2013

Starting of the semester, I followed Charles, Siew San and many others to Jusco Kinta City for a gathering. It has also been long since I last visited the place.

Nonetheless, we watched Fast & Furious 6. The movie story line was great as I was looking forward for this movie after watching the previous 5 movie series. The cars and drifting were predicable but amazing.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Watched: Star Trek: Into Darkness

17th May 2013

My 3rd Year 2nd Semester journey in UTP was about to start. Just before it started, me and Charles decided to try out a movie in Lotus Five Star Seri Kinta.

We decided to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness. The movie graphics were great and the story line was awesome although I didn't watch the first part yet.

It was also my first time watching a movie at Lotus Five Star Ipoh. The whole theater room was quite empty, but we enjoyed ourselves owning almost the whole cinema.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 4) - Langkawi Cable Car

9th May 2013

On our final morning, we headed for the Langkawi Cable Car. We get to witness almost the whole Langkawi from great heights.

The sky bridge was closed due to Maintenance.

Taken before we headed back down

Awesome scenery of Langkawi and Cable Car behind us.
This sums up my trip to Langkawi. The prices of chocolates and liquor is really very cheap, and I regretted not buying more before heading home.

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 3) - Langkawi Underwater World + Lang Square

8th May 2013

Next, we went to Langkawi Underwater World to witness marine life and fishes. It will be our once in a life time experience where we get to witness various aquatic animals including penguins! There are hundreds of species of fishes which ranges from small to big.

Near the entrance, taking photo with the biggest arowana

Madagascar right behind us. 
Underwater tunnel where we can see various fishes .
There's actually a guy feeding the fishes right behind me.

On the description of this jellyfish, it says "It has no brain, no blood, no nervous system"
 After leaving Langkawi Underwater World, we head to Lang Square to take picture with the Langkawi Eagle.

Respecting the Non Climbing sign

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 2) - Pulau Dayang Bunting + Pantai Beras Basah

8th May 2013

Today, we went on a ride in a motor boat to Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pantai Beras Basah. Apparently, we were only allowed one hour on each of the locations.

We reached Pulau Dayang Bunting.
We were required to hike up until we reached a spot where there's fresh water. There's a pond where we can dip our legs into and all the fresh water fishes will roamed around our feet. Pulau Dayang Bunting was also famous for it's legendary story where by the child of the pregnant woman whom died after 7 days was buried somewhere in the island.

After leaving Pulau Dayang Bunting, we headed to Pantai Beras Basah. On the middle of our journey, we managed to witness a herd of eagles waiting to be fed. Although it was not my first time witnessing an eagle, it does feel nice to see how eagles actually dashed to the surface of the water to catch their prey.

Eagles hunting their prey
We reached Pantai Basah, and for the first time in my life, I tried the Banana Boat. We requested to be overturned so that we could fall into the sea.

Getting ready on the Banana Boat
We got wet and so, we decided to just swim around the beach. We returned to our motel to clean up around 2pm.

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 1) - Kuala Kedah Jetty + Langkawi Sunset

7th May 2013

Upon finishing my 3rd Year 1st Semester, all the Langkawi trip planning was somehow last minute. Initially, the plans of departure was going to be halted if there's only me and Daymon, but later on, Patrick and Jen Hau joined in. I also managed to divide the cost of our trip by asking Yee Jie to join in.

We departed from UTP around 7am with Jen Hau's car. The journey to Butterworth took around 3 hours as we had to fetch Yee Jie. When we reached Butterworth, we switched to Yee Jie's car and continued our journey to Kuala Kedah.

From Kuala Kedah Jetty, we boarded the ferry to Pulau Langkawi.

At Kuala Kedah jetty
We reached Langkawi around 3pm, which the first thing we do is find our motel and checked in. We managed to locate it using various types of GPS and maps. Initially, we were planning to ride the cable car upon reaching, but we were delayed by many unforeseen circumstances, so we postponed the cable car ride to the final day.

There were nothing much on the first day. We only managed to witness the sunset in Langkawi Island near the beach and had some shopping at Duty Free shops.

Sunset near one of the beach in Langkawi.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Watched: Iron Man 3

2nd May 2013

Today marks the end of my 3rd year 1st semester in UTP. 6 final papers in mere one week. Immediately, I went to watch the movie that everything is talking about, Iron Man 3.

The movie was nice, as expected. It really gives me an insight on how new technologies will be in near future.
After the movie, I saw this cute minion outside the cinema, so I grabbed the chance to take photo with it.