Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 1) - Kuala Kedah Jetty + Langkawi Sunset

7th May 2013

Upon finishing my 3rd Year 1st Semester, all the Langkawi trip planning was somehow last minute. Initially, the plans of departure was going to be halted if there's only me and Daymon, but later on, Patrick and Jen Hau joined in. I also managed to divide the cost of our trip by asking Yee Jie to join in.

We departed from UTP around 7am with Jen Hau's car. The journey to Butterworth took around 3 hours as we had to fetch Yee Jie. When we reached Butterworth, we switched to Yee Jie's car and continued our journey to Kuala Kedah.

From Kuala Kedah Jetty, we boarded the ferry to Pulau Langkawi.

At Kuala Kedah jetty
We reached Langkawi around 3pm, which the first thing we do is find our motel and checked in. We managed to locate it using various types of GPS and maps. Initially, we were planning to ride the cable car upon reaching, but we were delayed by many unforeseen circumstances, so we postponed the cable car ride to the final day.

There were nothing much on the first day. We only managed to witness the sunset in Langkawi Island near the beach and had some shopping at Duty Free shops.

Sunset near one of the beach in Langkawi.

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