Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pulau Langkawi Trip (Part 3) - Langkawi Underwater World + Lang Square

8th May 2013

Next, we went to Langkawi Underwater World to witness marine life and fishes. It will be our once in a life time experience where we get to witness various aquatic animals including penguins! There are hundreds of species of fishes which ranges from small to big.

Near the entrance, taking photo with the biggest arowana

Madagascar right behind us. 
Underwater tunnel where we can see various fishes .
There's actually a guy feeding the fishes right behind me.

On the description of this jellyfish, it says "It has no brain, no blood, no nervous system"
 After leaving Langkawi Underwater World, we head to Lang Square to take picture with the Langkawi Eagle.

Respecting the Non Climbing sign

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