Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rapid KL Monorail Field Trip

20th August 2013
This was my 3rd overall field trip. This time round, my coursemates and I went to Rapid KL Monorail. We were able to witness how monorail functions and how the tracks switches lanes.

Not only that, we were given free monorail trip from Tun Sambanthan to Titiwangsa Centre

Monorail tracks uses 700V DC Voltage power supply, which is converted from a 11KV AC Voltage power substation. The right side of the track is the positive pole and the left side of the track is negative pole. Next the 700V is stepped down to 415V AC for the induction motor of the train to function.

Overall, the whole trip was very knowledgeable. We were also able to witness how workers does maintenance on the trains and repairing the damaged parts.

The Maintenance Train
The piano stairs at Times Square, KL. Each step that I take gives out the music from the piano.

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