Saturday, September 28, 2013

Intern Departure to United Kingdom

28th September 2013

3 years of degree studies in UTP had passed and it's time for my internship period. I got overseas internship in Mercedes Benz AMG United Kingdom and today was my departure day from KLIA. It was also my first time in KLIA because I had never traveled overseas before in my life.

At KLIA with family
My first time taking an aeroplane and I was lucky to be able to sit near to the window and see the wing
7 hours of flight from KLIA took me to Dubai for an exchange flight to Heathrow Airport, London

At Dubai International Airport
The plane that is taking me to London
After another 7 hours of flight, here I am in London. There were people from Mercedes waiting for us and brought us to Brackley to meet Emily, our Human Resource representative.

My house in Brackley
The Bell Tower in Brackley
 Today was the longest day of my life as I seem to have lived 31 hours a day.

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