Sunday, February 2, 2014

West Brom vs Liverpool match at The Hawthorns

2nd February 2014

Chinese New Year was few days ago and this is the first time that I've not celebrated it with my family and relatives. Reminiscing the past, I would have gone to my relatives house on the first day and second day of Chinese New Year. This year was a bit special, as I spent my reunion dinner night out at a bar with my supervisor and working colleagues, Peter Hodgkinson, Gavin Hudson and Richard Eagles.

This would probably be the most special Chinese New Year celebration by myself as I've got the tickets to watch West Brom vs Liverpool match at The Hawthorns. I was sitted at the West Brom supporters main stand, which gives me a better view up closer to the players. However, I still find it as a disadvantage as I can't really see the ball crossing from up far, compared to where I'm sitted in Anfield for the match against Hull City.

Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience again, given the opportunity to experience being a home and away fan watching Liverpool games. Although a terrible mistake by Kolo Toure which gifted the home side a 1-1 draw, after Daniel Sturridge's goal, it was still a once in a lifetime experience, being able to go for a home and an away Liverpool game. Another tick to my accomplishment lists.

Liverpool was really on form this season compared to the previous seasons. I'm glad to be here watching them playing so well, which is a dream come true. The experience gained from the atmosphere compared to watching from television is really different. When a player scored a goal, I don't really know who scored it, as there's no live commentary and scores. I really hope that Liverpool would finally win the league title this season, so that I could proudly say that the league matches which I've been to are the matches that Liverpool have played to win the league title, and it would be utmost memorable.


Yes! I was just this close watching the match and the players

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