Sunday, March 2, 2014

Edinburgh Castle Visit, Scotland Day 2

2nd of March 2014

On the second day of our trip in Edinburgh, we had actually covered most of the attractive places which we wanted to visit. We decided to hog around Edinburgh Castle again and enter with an entrance fee to visit the anticipated tourist attraction spot of Edinburgh.

The castle was gorgeous and filled with thousand years of historical memories of past and present. A little photos from our second day of our trip in Edinburgh Castle.

Me, Chedtha, Upen and Arvin at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle
The cannon guarding the castle from enemies
The time cannon used to signify time back in the past

Overall, Edinburgh, Scotland was a very nice place to visit despite freezing weather. If any of you wanted to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, do remember to wear thicker if you are afraid of the cold. One thing which I've realized is that, people in Scotland are not as friendly as people from England.

Signing off from Scotland.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Arthur Seat Adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland Day 1

1st of March 2014

Second part of the day goes to hiking Arthur Seat, Edinburgh. The Arthur Seat consists of a bunch of hills together which would be perfect for stamina exercise. The whole Edinburgh city can be viewed from its highest peak. 4 of us, Upen, Arvin, Chedtha and me have decided to take our time to hike up, despite the cold and windy conditions.

Journey up.

Near the bottom of Arthur Seat. Despite sunny conditions, the weather is still freezing and windy

There are actually many ways to hike up the hills. Mid of our journey towards the top, there were ruins of the St Anthony's Chapel. A few pictures before continuing our journey to the peak.

View from mid way of the Arthur Seat

Looking over the whole of Edinburgh

Strangely, at the peak of the Arthur Seat, there's a porcelain cup
Sliding down of Arthur Seat

Scenic view of the lake at the bottom of Arthur Seat

This sums up the journey of our Day 1 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We returned to our booked hotel and had a good night rest, as well as our light dinner, before continuing our journey the next day at Edinburgh's Castle.

Streets in Edinburgh, Scotland Day 1

1st of March 2014

A break from all the hectic work from Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One was needed after weeks of preparations to get W05 car out on the circuit. This time, I've completed the list of places which I wanted to go in United Kingdom, successfully visited Edinburgh, Scotland after a 7 hours drive from Brackley. Thanks to driving rotations by Upen and Chedtha, as well as successful planners and guiders by Arvin and me.

Although it was a last minute planning due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip came out well as planned. The gang of 4, Upen, Arvin, Chedtha and me visited a few notable places in Edinburgh. The weather on that day was extremely cold despite the presence of sunlight. It might be due to the geographical location of Edinburgh being nearer to north pole.

Upon arriving after a grueling 7 hours journey from Brackley and flexible muscles, I was amazed by the scenic views of the structures and architectures of Edinburgh. Edinburgh was famous for its highland dress, comprising of kilts and can be seen worn and sold almost everywhere in their souvenirs shops. Below are some of the amazing scenery shots taken from my DSLR Nikon D3100.

Scott Monument

We started off our journey as early as chilling and freezing 6 am in the morning from Brackley, and arrived approximately 1 pm afterwards. Our first tourist attraction location was supposed to be Edinburgh Castle, but was later postponed. Edinburgh Castle was located slightly higher from ground and required tourists to park their cars down slope. As we parked our car approximately 5 minutes from the castle, we took the opportunity to visit nearby places first before climbing up to the Edinburgh Castle.

As we walked around, we noticed that in Europe, people with various talents often demonstrate their skills to earn a living from visiting tourists. Always prepare for small changes if you wanted to watch their shows. As we walked towards Scott Monument, one of Scotland's iconic monuments, we came across a street performer who play bagpipes, one of Scotland's classical instruments. It is amazing to have heard music from bagpipes, one which wouldn't usually be seen and heard back in Malaysia. The street performer was also well dressed in highland dress and offered to play the song 'Rasa Sayang'.

Scottish Bagpipers
Me, the Street Performer and Upen
Scott Monument
There was a garden across the Scott Monument which has very backdrop. As it is almost the end of winter and beginning of spring, the flowers blossom attractively. The Galleries of Scotland is located nearby and the Edinburgh Castle on the top of the hill can be viewed clearly across the garden.

Edinburgh Castle on the slope top
Scott Monument across the garden
Galleries of Scotland
Satisfied walking around the garden, we hiked up the slope towards the Edinburgh Castle. Along the way, there are other various tourist attraction places where tourist can hang out, however most require an entrance fee. We did manage to view the Edinburgh Castle from the outside and planned to enter castle. However, the entrance ticket purchasing queuing time deludes us from doing so, thus we planned to come again the next morning.

The Camera Obscura, which has various types of mirrors to create optical illusions. (Requires Entrance Fee)
Chedtha, me, Upen and Arvin at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Scenery of Edinburgh from the entrance of Edinburgh Castle

Aiming to come again the following day, we headed out across the streets below the Edinburgh Castle, which consists of various other tourist attraction places. One of the places where you can taste Scottish Whisky for an entrance fee is The Scotch Whisky Experience shop. It gives the opportunity to tourist witness how whisky was being made and how different types of ingredients combination tastes. There were also a Tourist Shop where various types of whiskies can be bought as souvenir.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotland, land of the brave
St Giles Cathedral

Museum of Childhood (Free Entrance), the toys are really very old fashioned
John Knox House
All these tourist attraction places are just located along the streets at the bottom of Edinburgh Castle. It is really worth walking and have a look at the culture and society of Scottish people. The people also have an English accent which is different from British people, however more difficult to understand.