Sunday, March 2, 2014

Edinburgh Castle Visit, Scotland Day 2

2nd of March 2014

On the second day of our trip in Edinburgh, we had actually covered most of the attractive places which we wanted to visit. We decided to hog around Edinburgh Castle again and enter with an entrance fee to visit the anticipated tourist attraction spot of Edinburgh.

The castle was gorgeous and filled with thousand years of historical memories of past and present. A little photos from our second day of our trip in Edinburgh Castle.

Me, Chedtha, Upen and Arvin at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle
The cannon guarding the castle from enemies
The time cannon used to signify time back in the past

Overall, Edinburgh, Scotland was a very nice place to visit despite freezing weather. If any of you wanted to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, do remember to wear thicker if you are afraid of the cold. One thing which I've realized is that, people in Scotland are not as friendly as people from England.

Signing off from Scotland.

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